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About Ez DIY Electricity and Wayne Gilchrist

Welcome to Ez DIY Electricity – Residential electrical wiring projects made easy

Wayne Gilchrist My name is Wayne Gilchrist and I’m a Montana licensed master electrician with over 25 years of experience in the electrical trade. I also hold a journeyman electrician license in Alaska and North Dakota. I started this site to help homeowners and do-it-yourselfers (DIYers) complete their electrical wiring projects easily and safely.

As an electrician, I have been called out to several homes to finish an electrical wiring project that a homeowner or DIYer started, got stumped and couldn’t figure out how to proceed. Most times they stand there, watch me and say “Oh, that’s how you do that”. Or I go there and find several National Electrical Code® violations, which are also potential fire hazards.

My goal for this site is to offer DIY electrical wiring help, answers to your electrical questions, electrical wiring tips and expert electrical advice / consulting for homeowners within the U.S. and Canada by using wiring diagrams, articles, ebooks & videos.

I will only answer questions about home electrical wiring projects on this site. In most areas within the U.S. and Canada homeowners are permitted to complete electrical wiring projects and pull permits for these type of projects in their own homes. I recommend checking with your local building codes department before beginning any residential electrical wiring projects to ensure that you are legally able to do this work yourself and what the local requirements are. I do not answer questions about commercial or industrial wiring projects on this site because you are required to be a licensed or qualified electrician to do this type of work.

Post schedule for this site:
Monday – Answers to Electrical Questions
Tuesday – Product Recalls
Wednesday – “How to” Project
Thursday – Product Review
Friday – Answers to Electrical Questions
Saturday – Blog Roundup and/or Giveaway
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A little bit about me personally

I was born in May 1967 [making me 25 😉 ] and raised in New Hampshire. After a lot of traveling, I’ve decided to settle down in Bozeman, Montana. I met my wife while working in upstate New York in 1995 and we have been together ever since. I helped her raise her 2 boys and 1 daughter. Her oldest son had a beautiful little girl in January of 2006 and a handsome little boy in August of 2008. While her kids are not mine, I do claim the grand kids. They are the apple of my eye.

I like hockey and I’m a major Boston Bruins fan. I also love camping, hiking, backpacking, mountain biking and skiing. This is probably why I’ve decided to settle down here in Bozeman.

If you have further questions about me, feel free to contact me.

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