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Saturday Morning Round Up for Week Ending 7-3

July 3, 2010

Saturday Morning Round UP for week ending 7-3 I found a lot of great articles this week which may interest you. If you have been following Charles & Hudson at all, then you know that they have assembled a great team of writers. I found an awesome article which offers some sound advice on Mistakes To Avoid for First-Time DIY’ers. I think that because I work in construction, I feel invincible when it comes to remodeling my home. However, I have gotten in over my head a couple of times due to a lack of planning. Fortunately, I have some really good friends that work in the other trades as well and were willing to step in and help me out with my projects.

I want to get started adding video to this site. I’m doing some research and hope to have something up in the next couple of months; hopefully sooner. While doing my research, I’ve learned that I need a place to record the videos. So, I’ve started cleaning and remodeling the garage. I also need another workbench in the garage which needs to be mobile. I found a cool article where Tom Silva from This Old House provides step-by-step instructions on How to Build a Tool Bench.

Somehow I missed the Handyguys video last week on Installing a sconce in 7 easy steps. Brian installed a wall sconce in his home theater room in his basement. I liked the video but I think a couple of things got overlooked. When you put your cable into the box you are required to have at least 1/2 inch of the sheathing extended into the box. It also looked like the light fixture did not have a ground wire. In this case, you should connect the ground wire in the romex to the ground screw on the fixture bar. This is especially important if you have a metallic light fixture. This is the only way you can bond to the fixture without a ground wire. If the fixture is bonded, then the circuit breaker will trip if a live wire contacts any metallic parts on the light fixture.

Have you been following One Project Closer this week? Fred is installing Brazilian Walnut flooring in his home. Lots of great tips all week long. Go check out the One Project Closer Blog.

Saturday Morning Round Up for Week Ending 6-26

June 26, 2010

Saturday Morning Round UP for week ending 6-5 In this week’s roundup I found some free software, an article on outdoor DIY projects and a couple of cool giveaways.

Unplggd had an article about Dwell Design Desk: Free Online 3D Home Design Tool. Autodesk® Homestyler™ is free online home design software which brings your interior design plans and remodeling dreams to life. Easy drag and drop, brand name products, and 3D views make using Autodesk Homestyler the best way to start your next home design project. This looks like a very cool online tool.


Re-nest had a pretty cool roundup from June 14 20 Outdoor DIY Projects To Take Pride In. I really liked the article about how to make LED lights for party decoration. We have a row of trees on the other side of our back deck. These would be cool for one of our parties this summer.

Home Construction & Improvement is giving away a FloorMaster 250BN – Hardwood Flooring Finish Nailer with 2 boxes of 2 inch nails. This finish nailer features a proprietary 45º detachable no-mar nailing guide, and no-mar pads, that protect the floor, wall and cabinets from marring, scratching or denting. A proprietary depth-of-drive design, which helps to eliminate tongue splitting. A proprietary nail lock-out design that eliminates blank firing. Go enter the Duo-Fast FloorMaster 250BN Giveaway today.

One Project Closer is having another giveaway. I won a SKIL saw from one of their previous giveaways. These guys have a lot of cool giveaways. This time their giving away a brand new Black & Decker 24v String Trimmer / Edger (NST 1024) shipped right to your door- a value of $149.97! Go enter their B&D Cordless Trimmer Giveaway now.

Saturday Morning Round Up for Week Ending 6-11

June 12, 2010

Saturday Morning Round UP for week ending 6-11 There were lots of great reads this week. Too many to list here. Here are a few which I found interesting.

Over at Unplggd, I found Hidden Treasures in a Play Pen Living Room which gave me lots of ideas for my grandkids toys. This is something that my wife has been on me to do for a while now. We spoil our grandkids rotten and they have lots of toys. Well, their toys are getting out of hand and we need to do something about it.

Charles and Hudson had a few that caught my eye. I’m a huge sports fan, so Get World Cup Ready stopped me. The US verses the UK game is today. This should be a good game.

I’ve was doing some research on statistics for home improvement and remodeling projects earlier this week. So I found Majority Of Homeowners Prioritize Home Improvements very interesting.

I thought June Is Best Month To Buy Tools was cool because I also own The Electrical Tool Store. This is a newer website which had been up less than 1 year. So I don’t have any historical stats to work off of. However, I have noticed that sales are up this month; especially this past week.

Wow! One Project Closer is having a big SKIL Tools Giveaway. They are giving away one SKIL tool each day next week. There are five great prizes giving you 5 chances to win.

While we are on the subject of giveaways, there are 3 days left to enter A Concord Carpenter Comments $50.00 Eagle America Giftcard Father’s Day Giveaway

Did you find any great reads that you would like to share this week?

Saturday Morning Round Up for Week Ending 6-5

June 5, 2010

Saturday Morning Round UP for week ending 6-5 It looks like the topic of discussion on several sites is about Father’s Day. Several sites are talking about gift ideas and offering Father’s Day contests this week and there are lots of great prizes to win out there.

Home Construction & Improvement has a featured story entitled 2010 Father’s Day Gift Ideas. There are lots of great home improvement gift ideas for your dad in this article.

The team over at One Project Closer is giving away a brand new set of V-Jaw Tongue & Groove Pliers to 3 lucky readers. Any DIYer understands that water pump pliers are an essential part of your tool kit and Channellock sets the standard in the industry. I have at least 5 pairs of different sizes of Channellock water pump pliers. As an electrician, I use at least one size of water pump pliers on a daily basis.

A Concord Carpenter Comments is giving away a $50.00 gift card to Eagle America. Eagle America is “The World’s Router Bit Source” with over 2,000 router bits for you to choose from. The company is family owned and operated and offers over 5,600 router bits, cutters, blades, power / woodworking tools, jigs and accessories.

Charles and Hudson has a great review on the Dremel 8200 12V Cordless Rotary Tool. Every DIYer needs a Dremel tool. I use mine for sanding down the dogs nails, cleaning corroded contacts, etching my name on my tools, removing paint in electrical boxes for grounding and lots more. I can’t imagine any dad who wouldn’t love one of these for Father’s Day.

Have you seen The Handyguys Podcast? Well now you can. Brian and Paul announced Handyguys TV this week. They currently have 3 videos up and lots more on the way. This is something that I would love to do. Most people, myself included learn quickly and easily from video. Several people have emailed me requesting that I create videos for several different “How to Projects” on this site. However, I know nothing about video. I think the biggest thing I need to learn here is how to edit video. Do you have any video editing software recommendations?

Did you find any interesting home improvement related articles this week?

Saturday Morning Round UP for week ending 5-29

May 29, 2010

Saturday Morning Round UP for week ending 5-29 I’ve been trying to come up with a posting schedule for this site, but I have a few empty days to fill in my schedule. Saturday was one of those empty days which needed to be filled. I like to read several blogs relating to the DIY home improvement and home & garden categories on Saturday mornings. So, I thought why not create a post to highlight interesting articles from these sites. So from now on, Saturday’s post will highlight interesting articles relating to the DIY home improvement and home & garden categories.

The team over at One Project Closer created a community of interesting sites relating to the home improvement industry. If you visit http://www.oneprojectcloser.com/community/, you will find 20 of the most recent articles from over a dozen home improvement related bloggers which belong to this community. Lots of great content.

I found an interesting article and video over at Unplggd this morning about a wireless robotics system. I’ve always had an interest in robotics and I could see myself setting something like this up in my house just to mess with people.

Charles and Hudson turned 5 this past Sunday. Happy Birthday! Timothy Dahl has built a great site here. In addition to the Charles and Hudson site he launched five other sites this year. One about kitchens, green building, tools, home security and paint.

I found 5 Home Repairs that Can’t Delay over on Calfinder’s remodeling blog yesterday. In addition to Calfinder’s remodeling blog, they offer a service connecting homeowners to pre-screened, quality remodeling contractors. This is another great site filled with tons of information about remodeling your home.

The Handyguys Podcast is always great to listen to. This week Brian and Paul answer questions from a listener which asks a plethora of questions over the past month. Go listen to Episode #113 – Listener Questions – The Steven Show now. Lots of great answers to many of Steven’s questions.

A Concord Carpenter Comments has another great article about Massachusetts’ new law regarding smoke detectors. Essentially, all homes in Massachusetts must have smoke detectors. Anyone selling a single or multi-family home that was recently built or substantially altered and sold after April 5, 2010 is mandated to comply before closing on any home, the seller must follow the smoke detector law and arrange for and pass a fire department inspection. I think smoke detectors should be a requirement in all homes worldwide. In my opinion, properly installed and maintained smoke detectors are a cheap insurance policy in any home.

I would also like to announce a new site which I recently launched. A Guide to Gardening is the newest addition to my network of home improvement sites. We are going to have a large garden this year, so I thought I would blog about it and pass along other gardening tips and advice which I learn.