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Answers To Electrical Questions About Ampacity Rating For #4 SER Cable, Installing A Ceiling Fan In A Kitchen And Wiring A 2 Bulb Sensor Light

September 23, 2009

Question CJ asks:
I am running a sub-panel to my garage that is attached and I was told to run SER-4. I have already run it approximately 70 feet, and left about 5 feet at either end to connect it to the main and sub. I wanted to know if that could handle a 100 amp 220 volts circuit…?

No it will not. Four SER cable is rated for 65 amps maximum. However, because you used SER cable, you have enough conductors for 220 volt circuits.


Chad asks:
Is it code legal in California to install a ceiling fan in a kitchen?

According to the National Electrical Code® it is. However, the state of California may have adopted local codes which prevent this. I recommend checking with your local electrical inspector regarding this.


Ronny Welch asks:
I have a 2 bulb sensor light that I want to wire it so it’s on when the switch is on and off when the switch is down and when the switch is up it stays on.

I’m a little confused. It sounds like you want to bypass the sensor. To do this simply connect the black wire from the switch to the black wires from the lights and leave the sensor disconnected. You are also able to operate most of these with you switch or automatically with the sensor. The instructions which came with the light will explain this process a little better.


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