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Answers To Electrical Questions About Kitchen Receptacles, Attaching Romex To Metal Studs and 220 Volt Thermostats

January 7, 2009

Question mark Carlos Lazen asks:
How close to a cooktop an outlet can be install?

The National Electrical Code® does not specify clearances from cooktops. A cooktop typically breaks up the counter space and you are required to have a receptacle within 24 inches.


Arnold C asks:
How do you attach romex to metal studs?

They make a 1 hole strap for romex. I prefer the arlington industries CS20SC and CS6 cable supports. You also need to use nonmetallic bushings to protect you cable where it goes through the metal studs.


Ken Iman asks:
Hi, I am replacing a dial type thermostat with a digital one for my 220v baseboard heat. The old dial one has two red wires on top and 2 black wires on the bottom. The new digital thermostat has 2 black wires. Do I hook up the two reds together to one black and the two blacks to the other black wire on the digital thermostat?


You have the wrong thermostat. You have a single pole thermostat and you need a double pole thermostat.

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