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Answers To Electrical Questions About Wiring A Unit Thermostat On A Baseboard Heater and Installing Programmable T-Stats

January 12, 2009

Question mark Diane asks:
Question I am installing a 110 volt cadet baseboard heater and I would like to install a double pole thermostat so that it can be turn off. I understand from the website that I bought it from that the double pole thermostat that goes in the end of the baseboard (vs wall mount) can be used.
Can you please tell me how the wiring should be since there are 4 wires on the thermostat breaking both sides of the wires?

You have the wrong thermostat. For 110 volt units, you need a single pole thermostat. While a double pole can be wired in to work, it is the wrong t-stat. With a double pole t-stat, you would either leave one set of wires disconnected or break the neutral and hot. There is no need to break the neutral and a single pole t-stat is a little cheaper than a double pole.


Ricardo asks:
I want to replace my thermostat for my electric baseboard heater the thermostat are wall mounted. How do I know if I have a SINGLE POLE thermostats or Double?

Also I have separate thermostat one downstairs and one in each bedroom. I spend time downstairs and in my bedroom. Should I use programmable thermostat in each room or just the two?

A single pole t-stat will have 2 wires on the back side and a double pole will have 4 wires.

I recommend programmable throughout if your budget allows. A programmable t-stat is more expensive, but will save you money in the long run. For example, I use a programmable t-stat in my house and I sent the heat to turn down to 66 degrees while we are sleeping and at work. However, it is set to 70 degrees for when we get up in the morning and when we get home from work.


Charlie Williams asks:
Hi, I am replacing a dial type thermostat with a digital one for my 220v baseboard heat. The old dial one has two red wires on top and 2 black wires on the bottom. The new digital thermostat has 2 black wires. Do I hook up the two reds together to one black and the two blacks to the other black wire on the digital thermostat?
Is it possible to send you a picture of my wiring?

No, do not connect the reds together or the blacks together either. You have a single pole t-stat and you need a double pole t-stat. The double pole t-stat will have the 2 red wires and 2 black wires, so the replacement will be straight forward.

Yes, it is possible for you to send me a picture of the wiring. Please check out my DIY Electrical Wiring Help from a Master Electrician page to see how this service works.

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2 Responses to “Answers To Electrical Questions About Wiring A Unit Thermostat On A Baseboard Heater and Installing Programmable T-Stats”

  1. John S. on January 28th, 2009 10:13 am

    Electrician ran wiring for 2 pole baseboard heaters in my basement remodel but no thermostat, and now electrician is in the wind. Looks like he ran wiring for 2 units each on it’s own breaker (I wanted them in tandem) don’t know if they are.
    Sheetrocks already up. What can I do?


  2. Kim Barry on April 18th, 2010 2:28 pm

    I have an old Nortron 2 wire electric baseboard thermostat that I want to replace with a new Honeywell 4 wire thermostat – is it possible and if so, what do I do with the other two wires on the thermostat? What wires should be wired together?