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Installing Above Cabinet Accent Lighting, Sizing The Breaker For A 220 Volt Heater, Upgrading An Electric Service And Wiring An Electric Wall Oven / Microwave Unit

September 28, 2009

Question Patricia L. Mireles asks:
There’s an outlet below the cabinet could I drill a hole for the extension cord, and run it through the cabinet to the top for accent lighting?

I wouldn’t recommend doing this. I recommend installing a new receptacle above the cabinet for your accent lighting. It is very easy to fish a wire approximately 4 feet straight down the same stud bay.


Ken Good asks:
I have 220 volt- 30 amp heater. What are the safe breakers in the panel? I had 2×15 but they are tripping periodically. Would 2×30 be too heavy?

A 2-pole 30 amp breaker is required for your heater.


Chris asks:
I have an older home, built sometime in the 50’s. The service meter is on the front of the house, the breaker panel is located inside a closet. I want to upgrade my service, but I’ve been told that panels can no longer be located in closets. Do I need to relocate my entire service to another location?

No, just the breaker box in the closet. I would leave the existing box and cover in place as a junction box but, remove the entire guts from the breaker box. After you choose your new panel location, you just need to run all of your circuits to the old breaker box and make all of your splices. You are permitted to have a junction box in a closet but, not a breaker box.


Bob asks:
I am installing a new electric wall oven/microwave unit. The old 220 volt line was only 2 strand wire, while the oven unit requires three (an extra white neutral wire). Can I use the old 220 line if I run a white (neutral) wire from a nearby 110 volt outlet?

No. You need to install a new circuit back to the breaker box.


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