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Minimum Burial Depth for Rigid Metal Conduit

June 18, 2006

Q: What is the minimum burial depth for rigid metal conduit?

A: It depends on where you are burying the conduit. Under 2″ of concrete and all locations not listed below, the rigid conduit needs to be 6″ deep.

If the conduit is going to run under 4″ or more of an exterior concrete slab with no vehicular traffic and the slab extending not less than 6″ beyond the underground installation,┬áit only needs to be 4″ deep.

If buried under streets, highways, roads, driveways and parking lots, 24″ deep.

If buried under one- and two-family dwelling driveways, and outdoor parking areas and used only for dwelling related purposes, it need to be 18″ deep.

If buried in or under airport runways, including adjacent areas where trespassing prohibited, it needs to be 18″ deep.

This is according to the National Electrical Code table 300.5 minimum cover requirements, 0 to 600 volts, nominal.

I would also recommend checking with your local authority having jurisdiction (building codes division or electrical inspector), as they may have stricter codes.

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