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Minimum Size Electrical Service For A Trailer House

July 10, 2006

Q: I just bought a trailer house and I need to get my electricity hooked up. I’m getting conflicting information about what size electrical service I should install. Some people are telling me 100 amps, some 150 amps and some 200 amps. What is the recommended size electrical service for a trailer house?

A: Each city, county and state have different requirements. You need to check with your local building codes department to determine their minimum requirements.

The size of your electrical service is determined by the load used. To determine the size electrical service that you need, you need to do a load calculation. However, the trailer manufacturer already did this for you.

NEC article 550.11(D) states “Electrical Nameplates. A metal nameplate on the outside adjacent to the feeder assembly entrance shall read:


The correct ampere rating shall be marked in the blank space.”

Find your electrical panel and go outside to find this nameplate. The minimum ampere rating for this trailer house is marked here.


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