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Q&A About Wiring a 30 Amp Twist-Loc Plug, Installing a Phone Jack and Bonding to Your Water System

November 23, 2009

Question Zack asks:
I have a 30 amp 240 volts L630p and I need to know which wire goes were I have a black, white, green and blue.

You need to test which wires that you have 240 volts across. I’m guessing that you should connect the black, blue and green wires. Then place a wire nut on the white wire and tuck it back into the box. However, you need to test the wires to determine this. I have a wiring diagram for a L6-30R receptacle on my wiring diagrams page which may help as well.


Rachel asks:
Can I change an electrical outlet to a phone jack for a computer?

No. Telephone jacks require different wire. I recommend installing a new CAT5e cable from your new phone or data jack location to the network interface box (telephone box on the outside of your house).

I’ve also read that in some areas of the US people are running high speed internet over the electrical wires in your home. We do not have that here in Montana so, I do not know much about it. I’m guessing that you need to subscribe to an internet service provider which provides this service and you probably need some type of signal converter box.


Stan asks:
At my cabin the washer drains into a dry well. The main electrical service is underground and enters the house very near that dry well. If we do several loads of laundry and I use the outside faucet in the same general area, I sometimes get a slight shock if wet or if on wet ground and touching the metal handle. (I have measured this at 4 to 7 volts AC). My electric system is grounded also in that general area. Would this go away if I ran a ground line from the main circuit box to the laundry cold water pipe? Or would this just make it worse?

You shouldn’t have any voltage on the ground wire. I recommend finding the source of this voltage first and correct this problem. If your water system is metallic pipe, then I recommend bonding this to your electrical system. Grounding and bonding is very confusing and should be completed by a licensed electrician to ensure it is done properly.


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