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Relocating a Junction Box, Filing the Blades on an Extension Cord, Troubleshooting an Electric Baseboard Heater and Sizing the Wire for a 100 Amp Sub-panel in a Detached Garage

October 2, 2009

Question Chanda asks:
I am trying to tear a wall down, but I ran into a problem. There is a black box with two thick wiring nuts inside of it. one is to the outlet on the other side of the wall and the other is to my ceiling fan and light. My question is, is it possible to move that box so that I may open that wall and how do I go about doing so?

You need to set a junction box or two. First turn off the power and either photograph the splice or document it so you will remember how to put it back together. Disconnect the wires and move them to your new location. You have to locate a junction box someplace accessible and within the length of the existing wires. If both wires can’t make it to the new location, then you need to set 2 junction boxes and install a new wire in between them to continue the circuit.


Carlos asks:
The electrical plug on my new Christmas sign has two parallel conductor slot of the same size. All the extension cords I can find have a large spade and small spade, can I file the large spade down to fit the plug slots both small, without causing any damage or injury?

No. This will void the UL listing and could start a fire. See if you can find an adapter or make yourself an extension cord to your specifications. You should be able to find all of the parts needed at your local home improvement store or hardware store.


Mark asks:
I installed 2 baseboard heaters 1 -4 foot unit ganged to a 6 foot unit, for some reason the 4 foot unit gets a lot hotter than the 6 foot unit. The 4 foot unit is first than ganged to the 6 foot unit. I even reversed the heaters so than the 6 foot unit is first with the same result can you help me?

Check your connections in the 6 foot heater. It sounds like you either have a loose connection, a bad heater or you are only supplying 120 volts to a 240 volt unit.


Bill asks:
I am adding 100amp service to a detached garage, I need to add a sub panel to main 200 amp service, the 100 amp service in detached garage will be grounded with 2 ground rods 6 feet apart. Running a 100 breaker from main to new sub with 100amp breaker that then goes to detached garage. I ran 3-2/0 copper. Is this fine?

I recommend placing the 100 amp sub-panel with a main breaker in it in your garage. This will save you the cost of an additional panel in your garage. The wire size is rated for 200 amps if it is approximately 150 feet long or less. Did you install this wire size to compensate for voltage drop on a long distance run? If so, then I need to know the distance so I can calculate this for you.


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