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Troubleshooting the Power between a Garage Junction Box and a Lean Too, Tapping the Buss Bars in a Panel and Troubleshooting a Dryer Receptacle

April 19, 2010

Question Willie Needham asks:
I have a 110 wire going to a junction box to my out building. I want electricity in my out building and my lean too. I connected the wiring from the lean too and the outbuilding to the hot wire which comes from the main line to junction box by connecting all 3 ends of the wiring together with electrical nuts (hot to hot, white to white and ground to ground. it doesn’t work. What have I done wrong?
thanks for any wisdom,


I’m not sure. Do you have power on the incoming line? Do you have a loose connection? Do you have a broken wire? Are you missing a neutral? It is difficult to say. I really need more information. Test for voltage between the hot and neutral. You should have 120 volts here. You should also have 120 volts between the hot and ground wires. However, you should have 0 volts between the neutral and ground wires.

Turn off the power, go to your lean too and wire nut the white and black wires together. Now go to the junction box and check for continuity between the white and black wires coming from the lean too. This will tell you if you have a broken wire or not. If you have continuity, then the wires are fine. However, if there is no continuity, then the wires may be broken or not making a good connection.


Joe Garritano asks:
Is there a device to install across the buss bars of a 200 amp panel other than a breaker, that will give me two Lugs that I can tap to a 100 amp sub panel with a main in the sub panel for a garage. I think there is, but I don’t know what it’s called.

You don’t want to do this. Your wiring needs to be overcurrent protected. This is what the circuit breaker is for. Install a 100 amp breaker in your 200 amp panel to feed a main lug sub-panel.


RaeLynn asks:
I test plugged my new 4 prong power cord, to make sure it fit and heard a pop and saw a spark from the outlet. I than connected everything as instructed. Now the dryer wont work. Do you thing the problem is the cord or the outlet?
Thanks RaeLynn

I’m not sure. It sounds like you may need an electrician to come check it out. Was the new cord connected and terminated to the dryer when you plugged it in? Did you reset the breaker after it tripped? I really need more information and pictures may help here.


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