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Grounding A Home Electric Generator

July 24, 2006

Q: I am installing a 5000 watt home generator. Instructions say to ground it to a copper grounding stake. The stakes I have found at building suppliers are 10 feet long. Is this length necessary? If so, how do you prevent the stake from bending when you drive it into the ground?

A: You need to install an 8′ x 5/8″ ground rod. I like galvanized as it doesn’t corrode like copper. The easiest way to install this is to rent a large hammer drill with a ground rod attachment. Look in your yellow pages under rentals; these typically rent for approximately $30.00 per day.

The ground rod needs to be installed flush with grade. Then just run a #6 bare copper wire from your ground rod to the lug provided on the generator frame. You need a 5/8″ acorn clamp to attach the ground wire to the ground rod.


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One Response to “Grounding A Home Electric Generator”

  1. Jimmy on September 16th, 2007 9:20 am

    Can you help..I have a 5000 watt gas generator want to connect it to my house so when i loose power ac..The plug from my generator has 3 wires.