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When The Power Goes Out, Will Your Generator Start?

September 10, 2006

Generator Self-Test Verifier Authorized Dealer

Of course, you say. A backup generator self tests regularly to make sure it is working as expected. It’s a well designed unit that is quite costly. We agree–well designed–but not able to give you one very important bit of information. Did it pass or fail the self test? Unless you were there, to verify the test, you really don’t know if the test was successfully completed! This is definitely not something you’ll want to learn just after the power goes out.

Not to worry…

Generator Self-Test VerifierNow, verification can be performed automatically and reliably.

The Generator Self-test Verifier (GSV) fills an essential need in every standby generator maintenance plan. It verifies that the auto-start exercise was performed and indicates the result. After a successful test, it resumes monitoring and makes no report. If a proper and complete auto-start self-test is not performed, an audible alarm is sounded and an optional off-site monitoring service is called. The alarm continues until the GSV is reset. All output voltages and all test cycle schedules are supported.

Our clients, here in Montana, love these. Several of our clients have a second home here and they do not know if their generator automatically started and passed the self-test or not. Installing this unit has taken the guess work out of it. Thanks to the optional off-site monitoring service, they are notified immediately if their generator has not started or failed the self-test.

We highly recommend this unit to everyone that has an automatic standby generator. Look for this to be launched on our website soon. Until then, you may contact us to purchase and schedule an install.

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