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Instructions with Pictures to Install a Surface Mounted Data Jack

January 14, 2008

A friend of mine asked me to come over and install a data jack in the new office space he set up in the spare bedroom of his house. I do not usually install surface mounted data jacks, but his house sits on a slab (no crawl space or basement), the attic space is approximately 16 inches tall at the highest point and he didn’t want to cut and patch drywall.

When I got to his house, he already had the cable installed. He just wasn’t sure how to terminate the ends. So, I took advantage of the situation and took pictures of the quick install.

The tools you need are:
1 – CAT5 cable stripper
1 – Impact punch down tool with a 110 blade
1 – Pair of electrician’s scissors
1 – CAT5 cable tester
You may purchase all of these tools at The Electrical Tool
The red thing is called a spudger. I didn’t need this, but I usually use it to seat the wires in the jack before punching them down. It’s just something that helps me.

Data tools

CAT5 cable tester

The materials you need are:
1 – Surface mounted data jack

Surface mounted data jack

Step # 1 Strip the cable –

Strip the cable

Step # 2 Cut the string –

Cut the string

Step # 3 Terminate the wires –

Terminate the wires

Step # 4 Test the cable –

Test the jack

4 Green lights indicates that everything is OK. Plugin in your network cable and surf. If you have questions of need further clarification, please post in the comments below.

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