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Connecting 2 Ground Rods To Your Service

January 3, 2006

Q: Can I connect two ground rods spaced about 6 feet apart directly to the service equipment disconnect or should I run the ground wire from one rod to the other then to the service equipment disconnect?

A: The 6 AWG copper grounding-electrode conductor may be run from one rod to the other in an unbroken length, then to the neutral bus in the service disconnect. The grounding-electrode conductor is required to be unbroken in one continuous length or may be spliced by irreversible compression-type connectors or exothermic welding. This requirement appears in 250.62(C). Individual 6 AWG-copper conductors may also be run from each ground rod to the service disconnect; however, individual terminals in the service disconnect must be provided to terminate the two 6 AWG grounding-electrode conductors. This arrangement is permitted by 250.64(F).

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