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What Is The Minimum Burial Depth For UF Cable?

March 9, 2006

Q: What is the minimum burial depth for UF cable that is used to feed outdoor lighting along the driveway for a one-family residence? The cable will be run under a concrete walkway, lawn area and paved driveway for a two-car garage.

A: Although Underground Feeder and Branch-Circuit Cable (Type UF) is not suitable for installation where it is subject to physical damage, if it is buried in accordance with the minimum burial depths mentioned in Table 300.5, you should have a Code-compliant installation.

The minimum burial depth under lawn areas is 24 inches. This dimension decreases to 18 inches under a concrete walkway and at the paved driveway. However, these burial depths can be decreased to 12 inches where the lighting branch circuit overcurrent protection is 15 or 20A, the voltage is 120 and the branch circuit is protected by a ground-fault circuit-interrupter. This reduction in burial depth is permitted under column 4 of Table 300.5.


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One Response to “What Is The Minimum Burial Depth For UF Cable?”

  1. f gooch on February 26th, 2010 11:53 am

    I have a small farm .The electricity Company has cables under my garden and animal yard (Comershal) , where vehicles of some mass, have to pass. The cables have been exposed and are either just under the surface or at best 12 inches deep.This is a 25 Amp 240 Volt A.C. supply.the cable is in black plastic with no warning yellow colour.What should I do?