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Tool Review – Mille-Rod Polymer Series Wire Pulling System

January 6, 2011

Mille-Rod uses Mille-Rods range of Polymer Push-Pull rods (Fish Rods) and accessories are some of the most versatile tools you will ever purchase and will become an indispensable addition to your tool box. These fish rods or fish sticks are used to install coax cables, electrical and phone & data wire and cable in finished walls.

They require very little care and can be used in a large range of environments and jobs from house and car to leisure and boat. The fastest way to connect two points or reach those impossible to get to locations. This high quality, affordable product is the ideal wire-pulling system for the amateur and professional user alike. Mille-Rods enables the installation of wire/cable over long runs and through hard to access voids and cavities.

Why Mille-Rod Polymer?

  1. Construction – the Mille-Rod is made from advance polymers in a single piece mold; this makes them incredible strong! The usual points of failure on a fiberglass rod are at the ends, where a metal piece has been glued onto the fiberglass – these come off or break off – and the rods themselves, which will shatter and/or break if you over bend them or just in shipping. Neither can happen with the Mille-Rod!
  2. Convenience – both the 7′ and 14′ sets, glow and standard, come in a convenient 18″ tube. Fits in a large tool box or you can clip it to a belt.
  3. Cost – Mille-Rod Polymer 7′ standard set is just $19.95. Not only are these sets competitively priced, but they also come with 5 accessory heads at no extra charge! (4 for the glow sets). And of course, this is just your up front cost – shipping is cheaper too, and you won’t have the regular replacement you do with the product you’re using now.
  4. Safe – Since there’s no metal at all, the product is completely arc/shock resistant and will not rust or corrode.
  5. The Mille-Rod uses standard 1/4″ threads, so any accessories you’re using now, you can keep, and you can even combine your current product with the your new favorite.
  6. LIFETIME NO HASSLE REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE – Millepede (Americas) is so confident in the performance of their rods they offer a Lifetime no Hassle Replacement Guarantee. If for any reason your Mille-Rod polymer rod or attachment should break or no longer operate effectively simply send back the defective part along with the appropriate handling and postage costs ($1.50 per item) and they will send you a new part.

I have to admit, that I was used to the 5′ and 6′ fiberglass rods. So, these rods seemed a little flimsy at first. However, the more that I used them, the more that I liked them. I found that they worked best fishing wires up and down walls. I really liked the less stiff rods for making bends around corners; like pulling the rod out of the outlet hole or pushing the rod into an attic and having it bend along the roof line to get to a more accessible area.

Because the fiberglass rods are so long, you are charged a higher shipping price from the shipping companies due to the oversized package. I’ve also had a few of the fiberglass rod kits show up broken in shipping. This won’t happen with the Mille-Rod kits. Each kit also includes a 5-piece standard attachment set consisting of 1 – hook, 2 – eyes, 1 – bullet and 1 – claw; as pictured below. These cost extra with the fiberglass kits.

Standard attachment kit

This is the 14′ standard kit:

Standard attachment kit

While I’m going to keep my 5′ and 6′ fiberglass kits, I will also use the Mille-Rod set and highly recommend these to everyone.

Where can you purchase a set?

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